Sculpture Homeschool

April 9 - June 4, 2018

Our homeschool program consists of a 7 week semester in which kids learn hands-on skills and gain experience working with power tools in a collaborative setting. Each session provides a demonstration of a building concept and a safety training for working with tools and materials.


Session 1: Making Chairs

April 9, 2018

The pattern for the chairs was drawn freehand on 2"x6" boards. It consisted of a sloped top and bottom piece which are screwed together to create the form for the chair.

The class started with a tool demo of the drills and jigsaw. Everyone learned about the features of the drills and practiced changing bits and screwing 2x4's together. They also saw an example of how the chair forms were drawn, traced and cut with the jigsaw.  After familiarizing themselves with the tools everybody collected their chair pieces, which included (2) chair forms, (2) 2"x6"x11" and (15) 1"x3" slats. The assembly process took about 2 hours and involved all of the participants working independently and collaboratively throughout different stages of the project. The kids sanded their slats down before proudly taking them home. 


Session 2: Climbing Pyramid

April 23, 2018


Session 3: Wheelbarrows

May 8, 2018


Session 4: Carnival Games

May 14, 2018


Session 5: Rocking Horse

May 21, 2018


Session 6: Picnic Tables

May 28, 2018

Session 7: Puzzle Tables

June 4, 2018