Sculpture Homeschool 

September 10 - October 22, 2018

The fall homeschool session occurred once per week for seven weeks in September and October. Every session provided opportunities for kids, ages 8-12, to learn building skills in collaboration with the peers through the making of life-size, rideable, playable sculptures. Some projects were designed to teach specific skills with power tools (Adirondack chairs in session 1), while others were more open-ended and invited spontaneous creation and imagination (animal sculptures in session 5). Ideas for projects were decided upon as a group; each week we took time to think about and share ideas for what we should make next. In addition to offering a wide-range of project-types, the group was also encouraged to collaborate in many different ways including individual work, small group, pairs and projects that involved the entire group.


Session 1: Adirondack Chairs

September 10, 2018

For our first project kids built 9 Adirondack chairs out of 1x4’s and 2x4’s. The making process was broken down into multiple steps starting with assembling the arm rest frames and finishing by cutting the curved top of the chair and sanding down the edges. This project was designed to introduce the group to the most common tools they will be using throughout the program: jig saw, drills, orbital sander and clamps.


Session 2: Swinging Ship

September 17, 2018


Session 3: Tetris

September, 2018


Session 4: Animals

October 1, 2018


Session 5: Forts

October 8, 2018


Session 6: Labyrinth

October 15, 2018

Session 7: Race Cars

October 22, 2018