Sculpture School is a hands-on learning program and workspace in the Mad River Valley, VT. Kids work with power tools, construction materials and recyclables to bring imagination to life. Every project provides an opportunity to learn tool safety in an environment that encourages experimentation and creative autonomy.

Sculpture School in the News

“The creative abilities and enthusiasms of the child are never more fully satisfied than when he is working with natural or found materials in an unstructured situation. When there are no space limitations; when techniques do not impose restrictions; when the child through his own exploration of the forces and materials involved, decides on his own way of working." – Working Big, Clarence Bunch and John Lidstone



Our projects are shared with families, friends and neighbors through interactive exhibitions, derby car races, and movie screenings. Sculpture School programs have been hosted at Knoll Farm in Fayston, Vermont, Waitsfield Elementary School, Pony Farm in Moretown, and at the Taplin family workshop in Warren.


Kids helping Kids

We invite teenagers to participate as shop interns to help kids bring ideas to life. They do everything from holding 2x4's together to helping breakdown big ideas into manageable steps. They are collaborators and encouragers who will roll up their sleeves and help tackle a daunting project. Their primary responsibilities in the shop include modeling kindness and proper tool use to help ensure a positive and safe environment for all.