4th of July Parade Float

June 27 - July 1, 2016

In this 5 day summer program 12 kids, ages 6-12, built a candy launching cow and miniature White House for the 4th of July parade in Warren, Vermont.


Session 1: Visualizing

June 27, 2016

We started by drawing our individual ideas for the parade float on paper. Everyone took time to imagine and write notes for how the float would operate and what kinds of special functions it would have - costumes, performance, props, etc. Once everyone had organized their thoughts we came together to listen to each other. The final designs came to life through a group voting process. Two visions emerged - a candy launching cow and a miniature White House. 

The afternoon consisted of the students breaking into small groups and beginning to construct the wooden frames of each project.


Day 2: Belly and Horns

June 28, 2016

Both groups continued building onto their floats. The crew making the cow named their project, "Operation Cow." Their goal this morning was to perfect the swiveling head candy launcher. Meanwhile, the White House crew worked on their front portico. The afternoon consisted of a wire and paper mache demo - soon after the cow started forming a belly and horns.


Session 3: Butt Flaps

June 29, 2016

The "Operation Cow" team finalized their wire head form and started to cover it with paper mache. They also made faux-leather butt flaps for the rear door of the cow. The flaps were made to conceal the milk-pourer stowed inside throughout the parade (milk comes out of the utter through a tube).

Levi and the White House crew tackled different aspects of their structure including building the patio floor, making a catapult for the roof, and attaching walls with window cut-outs.


Session 4: White House Walls

June 30, 2016

The day began with an overview of all the tasks left to complete. Each student took responsibility for a job and hustled into work mode. "Operation Cow" took advantage of the sunny morning and applied a second layer of paper mache to their cow. Meanwhile, the White House team got busy attaching a roof, installing walls and finishing the front and back porches of their structure.  


Session 5: Whitewash

July 1, 2016

Last day to work on the floats before the parade. The White House crew made some final structural additions before white washing their project. "Operation Cow" put wheels on their sculpture and worked on detailing the cow with spots and facial features. 


4th of July Day Parade

July 4, 2016

Every year thousands of people gather in Warren, Vermont for the 4th of July Parade. Spirits were high as the float crew came together dressed in costume to share their hard work. The White House was decked out in American flags and ornaments and "Operation Cow" finally had its time to shine and launch candy into the crowd.