Hale & Ripley's Playhouse

May 15 - October 27, 2017

These two brother have been a part of Sculpture School since the beginning in 2014. This playhouse overlooking the mountains is our latest endeavor following a long list of other projects including making PVC bows, stop-motion animation videos and ninja stars, to name a few. The structure is built high up on a hill in their back yard in Duxbury, Vermont. Each week we tackle a different step in the building process.

Framing walls

May 15, 2017

During our first session we cut 2x4's at different lengths and laid them out on the floor to get a sense of the floorspace and the height of the walls. After deciding our dimensions we started framing our walls.

Building Platform Frame

May 29, 2017

From the beginning, the brothers had a pretty clear vision for where they wanted the playhouse - high up on a hill with no road access. Luckily, they had  a 4-wheeler for hauling up all of our tools and materials. We loaded up and hammered out the 5.5'x8' platform by lunchtime. Fun fact, I learned that Hale's got off-roading skills. 


June 12, 2017

We used rough cut 2x4's as floorboards. Before attaching them we raised the platform off of the ground with rocks. Once the platform was level and sturdy we started screwing on the floorboards. 

Installing Wall Frames

August 30, 2017

Today we strapped our 2x4 walls onto the 4-wheeler and hauled them up to the platform for install. Ripley was hyped by the end of the day.


September 17, 2017